The Lanky Fisherman


Why the Winter Wind Howls over Mersey Lake 457

Little Red Riding Hood was a ten-year-old boy

who liked to wear girl’s clothes. The lanky fisherman

spotted Little Red Riding Hood on the footpath

to Grandmother’s bungalow near Mersey Lake.

The old woman was not ill; she was hearty, tended

her garden and cared for retired rescue dogs.

She didn’t particularly like her grandson.

He would whine like a girl when she needed

an extra hand to help with the chores.

When Little Red Riding Hood strayed to the water’s

edge to skip stones, the fisherman whipped out

his fly fishing rod. Although the old woman

had dismissed the stories as gossip, that

was about to change. Hearing her grandson’s shouts,

she grabbed the fillet knife she used to scale

the plucky smallmouth bass which had made

Mersey Lake an attractive vacation spot,

took after the fisherman, and separated him

from his handcrafted pole.

To this day, you can hear the son-of-a-bitch howling

like the winter wind across Mersey Lake.

444poetry by Nancy Scott

art by Hilde Goossens




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