The Original Arctic Queen

Poetry by Lyne Beringer


You ask who am I

I promise to try

To help you to understand

Come here and sit by me boy

I’m gonna make you my toy

I am the ruler of all the land

A heart forged out of ice

I don’t like to play nice

I must have total control

I’ll help you believe

What your eyes really see

When I dismantle a couple of souls

I can call on the winds

Coax out all of your sins

Bring your mind right up to the edge

The end of your life

Brought forth by the knife

Unless obedience you earnestly pledge

The sun is fading away

You must beg me to stay

Free will is now way out of sight

It’s bitterly cold

Watch the magic unfold

As darkness replaces the light

Bought and then sold

For the price of some gold

Quite cheap and rather obscene

And by now you should know

I command ice and snow

I am the cunning Arctic Queen


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