The Philosopher Savant Has One of Those Dreams

♦ Poetry by Rustin Larson ◊ StreetArt by FPLO1604516_727785563912908_1508411479_n11

I was camping in only a sleeping bag

When I woke to some wild pigs snuffling

In the pine straws. It was just

Dawn, and the skies hadn’t quite

Finished their weeping when

A lioness, a puma, skulked into the camp

With a lust for pig’s

Blood on her tongue

And a glassy glint in her eyes

Like someone I had once known, a mother-in-law

Or midwife, in Bethlehem

The night the soldiers stuck

The firstborn through on pikes.

The pigs suddenly found power

To skip through the branches

Like squirrels or pine martens,

And the lionesses (now there were five)

Gave chase, snarling

And snapping at pig flanks

But never quite sinking tooth

Into the sweet flesh.

Realizing I was an easier

Breakfast for puma, I fumbled

For the bicycle I had been sleeping on

All night, and erected a getaway,

Still tented by my sleeping bag,

Down the gravel drive and eventually

To the pavement that ribboned

Through the misty hills

To the lodge where you were working,

It seemed, as a hostess, a clerk

Keeping the keys of rooms adorned

With a magic eye above each door.

You had always been beautiful to me,

And I was so happy to see you

And to wrap the arm I had injured somehow,

And which hurt so badly,

Around you. I asked, “Is there anything

I can get you?” And you said,

“Can you make me some macaroni and cheese?”

For you, sweetie, I said, “Of course I can,” and so

Was led by a gaseous singing to a stove

Where I boiled the water,

Cooked the pasta, and when I had

All but finished preparing what you wanted,

You said, “Wait!” and then made me

Stir in a bag full of plastic snowman

Cupcake ornaments. This made me worry

About you, and it made me cry for a half hour,

And I wanted so desperately

To write you that moment. Let it suffice

To say that later that night I dreamed

You had agreed to marry me, and preparations

Were being made at the lodge

For the wedding: silver streamers

And paper bells and long rows of tables

Sprinkled with confetti. You let me see you

Undressed, your hair still wet from a shower.

I can’t understand why I protested,

Your skin warm to my touch, but I said,

“It’s unfair. You are so attractive.

The power of attraction is all that exists.

I have no chance.”

And you stood there, slender and beautiful,

And slowly shook your head,

And I had no power to move.


Dedicated to the Cell Phone Girl in Comp 1

Like, I was walking down the street, and like

All the sudden, like, I said, Oh My God!

Like I have this vagina! And I like all of

The sudden I’m like having this baby

And I’m like Oh My God! I’m like having

A baby like right here on the street

And so I like say to my girlfriend

Like can I have a drink of your diet Pepsi

Cause I’m like really thirsty from like

Having that baby and she’s like NO

WAY and I’m like YES WAY bitch!

And like all the sudden the baby like

Starts spinning on this silver plate and like

It’s all bloody and disgusting and I feel

Like I’m going to puke right there

And then this cop comes along and like

Starts saying like you are going to jail

Because of this like baby on a plate

And he’s calling my mom and

I’m like crying and saying like please

Don’t call my mom and my mom is like

totally ballistic but like what the fuck

I’d like do it all again anyway

Fabio Panone Lopes

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