The Seed

Poetry by BIJAY KUMAR SHOW ≅  Art by Aparna Mendu


Each seed has the potential to be

Flourished into big trees, with the

Showering of beautiful flowers

And abundance of fruits;

With this longing, it starts its ride,

From within a rigid protective shell;


In the midst of the loving arms,

Of mother earth, in seclusion,

It sprouts, on the dissolution of the hull,

It grows in presence of sunshine,

And nourished by the reviving water,

While it plays and dances with winds,

And mesmerises the clouds for showering;

It delights for being shelter for many,

Finally flowers and fruits appear in it,

As a mark of deep joy and ecstasy.


Like the seed, our inner life force,

Is also confined within illusionary layers;

Thus, it never sprouts out of self-made,

Dogmas, beliefs, likes and dislikes;

Leaving our innermost core craving,

For the flowers and fruits of,

Love, bliss and compassion;

And we remain as seeds forever,

Trapped inside the different invisible layers.



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