Pac Ornaments by Chris P

Art by Chris P. ( ↔ Poetry by Nick Goodman

Demi by Chris P.
Demi by Chris P.

I find the most difficult part of writing translation

Because inside my head there’s wondrous elation when poetic frenzies float freely

A great line of words divine will sound fine, even grand

But when planned to be recorded

The fluid is lost

And sometimes the greatest mental rhyme

Loses everything sublime in quick time

Its as if I’m not supposed to be recording this

But rather, enjoying the bliss of my thoughtful theories

Connected as series of stanzas and verse

Sadly, this poets true curse is not writing block

But a memory that can’t lock greatness down

So a smile will quickly frown

At the loss of an idea that would surely drown any nonsense written by Shakespeare and Walt Whitman

But no one can see inside my head

So i continue to wait and capture a thread from the marvelous mental quilt fabricating my ideas

my comments on Shakespeare is a joke, I kid

But who knows, maybe my point is valid

Pac Ornaments by Chris P
Pac Ornaments by Chris P



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