Universal Eulogy

Poetry by Adam Brown → Art by Alina Kopeikina4

My poetry is my gospel, I preach it wherever I travel

Mysteries of the universe are what I hope to unravel

with my words through deep contemplation

I write, therefore I am part of the deepest sensation

Ink spills from my pen like water from a fountain

gushing and thrusting, my words erode the mountain

of self doubt and my innermost flaws

reversing gravity, I’m breaking all of the laws

of physics when I rant and I rhyme

take a minute to listen if you so have the time

I will carry you through the depths of space

and bring you one step closer to the face

of God when I relate to you my thoughts

I will loosen your mind and your emotional knots

read me or listen to me, whichever you prefer

Know that you will not leave empty handed that is for sure.


 One Love


Why do we let borders define our loyalties?

Borders decided by ancient, unjustified wars

dictate how we feel about fellow human beings

Why do we allow ourselves to be swept into this

Political maelstrom of ignorance and indifference?

Our fellow brothers and sisters of all nations deserve respect

We call people who cross a part of land an “Immigrant.”

Immigrant of what? Some invisible line decided by

people who are long dead and no longer relevant?

Those people are dead, but the starving, sometimes

war-torn people coming for aid are real.

They are here now, people of the past are not.

Can we really turn them away and maintain a

clear conscience?

Who are we to judge people based on geography

of birth?

Borders maintained with guns and bombs


What are we so afraid of?

Are we afraid of holding hands with fellow human

beings in solidarity?

Holding hands for peace?

Destroy all borders and let them become

as irrelevant as the wars which once decided them

There are no borders with love

No human being is illegal

One people, one heart, one love.




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