Welcome to our planet

Poetry by Riley Neault ♦ Art by Mallory MilkeBlack Parade

Welcome to our planet

Where fear has enlisted

A shift that has twisted

We’re all that’s left of what’s sifted

Pan for gold

Digging holes

From where we reach to get lifted

A world that is vicious

A vision, a mission

Of misguided priorities

Forcing restriction

A locked definition

Of what makes a minority                                     Imaginary lines

We call them borders

In other words,

Immigration is bordering

Met with rules of conformity

Religions, we listen

Competition of what makes us superior morally?


Without them…

We’d be living horribly

Would we wage war

Or would there be more to be

looks like a storm to me

And nobody’s noticing

Geography describing what’s different

Pictured benchmarks of normalcy

Keep your thoughts in the box

And if not,

That could get you deported, see

nothing can grow from a foreign seed

Genetically crafted to be owned

Nothing is yours, you are borrowing

Nothing to share

But the shares

Invested in an admissible tormenting

Hinging on doors that swing

Can’t make payments you’re poor

So that’s why they’re bulldozing

Just to build new

A stimulus promoting

Growth to a few

And nothing but rubble

All that is left after totaling

A derelict dream

Time to look for tomorrow’s sleep

And so absurd it seems

We all get in line

Just like a herd of sheep


See more art from Mallory Milke at www.Mayhemhere.etsy.com

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