Lyrically Speaking


♥ Poetry by Damon E. Johnson ♥ Street art by Animalitoland


BudapestMy words are life

unfolding into a song

My words are music

playing soft and long


My words are love

locking you up in forever

My words are laughter

for no reason whatsoever


My words are passion

connecting with your soul

My words are tears

that fall without control


My words are sexy

arousing your desire

My words are fierce

intense like a raging fire


My words are rhythm

keeping you right on time

My words are poetry

stimulating you with my rhyme


What If

What if we gave in

to the urgent whispers of our souls

and pretended that the two of us were one

while holding each other like new

and anxious lovers?

What if we allowed our minds

to be consumed by thoughts of freedom

as we struggled to justify these feelings

that have crept inside our bones?

What if we brushed the past off our shoulders

and submitted to our destiny?

What if our lips touched

as we settled into our nakedness,

and love prevailed in spite of ourselves?

What if we did nothing at all, and the moment expired?




A beach without sand

A fall without leaves

A kite without string

A forest without trees


A song without music

A rhythm without blues

A sonnet without words

A mystery without clues


A night without darkness

A blizzard without snow

A storm without rain

A stream without flow


A year without months

A garden without flowers

A fountain without water

A day without hours


A breeze without wind

A rainbow without blue

A summer without sun

A life without you


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