Normal is an electric chair with a short circuit

poetry by Edwin B. Wollet ♠ Art by Etienne Grinter 

Etienne Grinter 2

Normal is an electric chair with a short circuit

…went searching for Normal

I dis-re-un-covered it.

Normal is:


A dry drop of water

on a lonely, 100-mile stretch of desert road

The empty space

between two repelling supermagnets

An invisible bullseye

on the broad side of a barn

The dark side

of a white-hot lightning bolt

The consummated union

of soul and anti-soul


I found these riddles

amidst the pinballs racing

through my scrambled-egg brain

I saw them, heard them, tasted them

before they disappeared

into my vegan omelet,

lost in the frying pan bubbles

on the flaming burners

of an aneuronal, pre-Cambrian oven

the death-venue of


too dangerous


for psychotic minds


to contemplate even with the aid of


support groups



  • A walk in the park with their dog

  • The deadline for a project at work

  • Wondering what to make for dinner

  • Fantasizing about the hottie on the subway

then going home and

masturbating to soft porn

because they can’t stomach

the hard shit, and because that’s

the best they can hope for


These are normal musings not mine

(except for walking a hellish dog named Love)

The rest are schemas submitted to an editor

that are dumped into the slush pile

of an insane man’s subconscious mind

or what’s left of it


I found Normal today

And afterwards

I covered it back up

So I wouldn’t have to…



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