And Now A Corpse Will Sleep

Poetry by Christina Rau ø Art by Brandon Vosika

Rib cage shift

Thoracic knife thoracic

Steel cut cage break

Neurons cannot be calmed

back to sleep. Truth is not always

appearance. What makes the

rib ill also cures the rib.

What makes the cage move

also stills the cage.  What makes

the knife cut is the hand of Harris Salas,

the autocorrected name of Paracelsus,

Renaissance physician, spear cut

sword through thoracic. The architect

of what’s happening here.


Diagnosis [When The Veins Roll]


Murmur atrium

chamber ventricular

doors that don’t

shut see self in saliva


plasma platelets car

slammed into a curb

Like Basquiat it’s boom

for real And after comma

after coma after colon


an encore between the drops:


The worry about not having

anything to worry about

Let’s just talk about Gary


Keep em at bay

Gary says. Wait’ll

they get to the charnel house—

it’s all useless spinning and

word. Gary races to detours.

Gary remains apperceptive

without realizing it.


He attempts a year at regrettable

living, says, Living regrettably

should be the only existence.

The guy on the news is teaching

us how to mash potatoes.

Gary fumbles the remote

down onto the wood

and breaks.

Scan 232

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