Poetry by Miles Varana  ½ Comic Art by Emiliano Zingale


As a child you watched

your parents’ stars climb

the domed basilica of night,

then bred the path of your own

through the foggy chill of

your bedroom window.


As a youth you shot out

like an Ottoman cannonball

to shatter the marble heads

of the Saints, shrieking

through the dark until unexpectedly

your plasma cooled, and

brighter stars prevailed.


Now you are old and the time

comes for you to make your first

choice. Choose either to join

the once hated martyrs in their eternal

inertia, chanting:

Kids these days!

In a chorus that fills the deep void

of space, or put on your constellation

necklace and lay down in

the low dirt to die.

lesperimento-tavl1-engMiles Varana’s work has appeared in a variety of publications, most recently SOFTBLOW, After the Pause, Chicago Literati, Yellow Chair Review, and Clear Poetry. He has worked previously as a staff reader and managing editor at Hawai’i Pacific Review. Miles lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where he enjoys rainy days, naps, and copious amounts of sushi.

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