Poetry by Dime Maziba Ξ Photography by Maro Kentros
After their lullaby
of electoral campaign
Liberation songs
will prevail the psalms.
The effigy of the dictator,
Wiping the toilet seats of poor peple.
Why politicians do not
Differentiate exit and exile ?
Do their spellings matter?
When it’s Arab spring in Maghreb,
It is western winter in panama.
Bank, frozen and Santa
becomes bogeyman.
All the toys will be under
The dazzling sun
Thank you dear God,
At least, the homeless in West
Will find a roof.
333Originally from Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC), Dime Maziba is Pan-Africanist and considers himself as a disciple of Marcus Garvey. He is a poet, a writer and a political activist. He is also a Financial Accounting student from Durban university of technology(Dut) South Africa. He is taking part in many organizations which strike for youth empowerment and gender equity such as Florence foundation, Negma, Yfec and is a member of DUT poetry society.
Passionate about political and economic issues, several of his articles and poems have been featured in magazines, journals and websites internationally as well as in anthologies such as ‘’best new African poets 2016’ (South Africa), ’not my president’(USA), ‘a new home for Africa’(Nigeria)
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