The Sky


Poetry by BIJAY KUMAR SHOW ō Art by Tony Citelli


Vast and infinite,
Surrounding us from
Outside and inside,
Very close and very high,
You are the eternal,
Inner and the outer sky;

You remained illuminated
From dawn till dusk,
In presence of glorious Sun;
While you experience darkness,
With varying degrees at night,
In a company of Moon and Stars;

Golden dusk with rainbows,
Add richness and colour to you,
While you remain blissful
During the peaceful dawn;

Though clouds obscure you
They disappear quickly,
However, often, in monsoon,
Cascades of dark clouds,
Cover you completely,
Hijacking you totally,
Along with Sun or Moon;
But sooner or later they start
Disappearing on showering;

However, our inner sky,
That is quiet and infinite,
Is completely taken over,
By the illusive clouds of
Insecurity, fear, greed and anger,
And we cling on them believing,
These clouds to be ourselves;

Therefore we remain deprived of
The shower of love and compassion,
And the Sun of consciousness,
Never rises through the clouds,
Resulting in the lack of
Rainbows and bliss in our lives.


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