Forest dreamer by TUSCO

Poetry by Adam Brown ∇ Art by TUCO

Bonimal monkey by TUCO
Bonimal monkey by TUCO














Ecocide embedded deeply into our industrial capitalist society
Natives, moved into reservations, fighting for sobriety
multinational corporations dumping toxins and oil
Those that understand, their plans they try to foil
Grassroots organization the only cure for this fascist disease
Emiliano Zapata, “it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees”
Direct action, breaking windows, feeding the homeless, planting trees
The disenfranchised stand for the real movement, they hold the keys
innocent children enslaved in this cold word to make the shoes I wear
screw that stuff, don’t worry, I’ll make my own pair
clear cutting, soil depletion, mountaintop mining
It’s this harm against nature that I’m undermining
I’ll pull you out of your economic security
to show you the real world, real purity
The next generations relying on your choices
c’mon people, shout out, let them hear your voices
democracy is not strict obedience to the law
It’s about critical thinking and rising against every flaw
So take some time out of your busy life
Listen to my rhyme and take a minute to think about those in strife

Manimal Chimpanzee by TUCO
Manimal Chimpanzee by TUCO


Letting the darkness seep into every pore
Watching the shadows play tricks on the door
Wishing I had light but it is not meant to be
I am condemned to be in solitude, and not meant to see
My innermost desires flaring like stars in the dark night sky
Basing my entire life on this one fickle lie
this microcosm of the universe that is me shines brighter than jet black
After realizing this, there is no turning back

Forest dreamer by TUCO
Forest dreamer by TUCO

I sit and I wait for heaven to envelop me in its sweet golden light
While the darkness surrounds me in the immortal night
History has proven I am meant to be here in this ghastliest of ways
the light tells me that this is nothing but a phase
Fighting the shadows, I reach towards the luminescent glow
My emotions act as battle scars in this struggle against the flow
Was I meant for darkness or for light? Maybe I’m not meant to know

Manimal Teddy by TUCO
Manimal Teddy by TUCO

Mystic River

The mystic river bids welcome to us all
Many will drink and many will fall
The waters are raging but the cleansing is pure
Many will risk a dip for the sacramental cure
Wash away the sins is what it will do
the river will make a person righteous and true
hatred has no place in this river
The waters are cold and will make you shiver
Shiver away the false perceptions of self
and find the truth behind the mind’s shelf
realization is what the river will give
you will feel like you finally know how to live
This river is truly a gift from above
Bathe in all its glory and you will be as free as a bird
this river is but a metaphor for eternal love

untitled by TUCO








Adam Brown is an aspiring poet/author and an English Literature Student at the University of Oregon. He uses poetry as a means of conveying his political ideology, hoping to make people question their convictions and every day habits. You can read more of Adam’s poetry at on his blog Poetry By Adam Brown.

You can also check out more of TUCO’s stencil art on his Facebook Page TUCO.

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