heart songs

one hundred fifty characters or less heart songs 

Art by Randi Grace Nilsberg Poetry by: c.m.a.

What Tomorrow Brings
What Tomorrow Brings

“the sky matches your mood, when it rains you are cold, even in blue skies you’ve gone blue…”


”… your tears run clear in the clear atmosphere, your color palette makes me so sorry for you”


“a heartless being misses out on the true potential of not only humanly love, but the ability to love themselves”


“you can’t get high off your pride when you’re blocking the view of yourself with smoke in the mirror”



“the voice wakes me from my sleep, tells me to hold on, it will all be fine” 


“the greed marks your face like excessive coloration, covering your lips with a smirk smudged in bitten satin lipstick”


“paint swatches; primrose panic; madhouse mahogany; sorrow-and-sour emerald (w/ an envy finish).all these colors are true, all which are named for you”


 “what if you were my savior in the dark and my prisoner keeper in the light? living by day and loving by nightfall”

“i need clarity in my words and passion in my eyes to sense danger in a room full of terror. you the the antidote to all my trial”

Play Me Some Blues
Play Me Some Blues


“i sang myself to sleep in an attempt that your diagonal lines would never cross mine. a killer, a thief, a wolf that sleeps with the sheep”


“open your eyes and cry, to let you out of your mind; the only survivor is the one with the weight of the world and scars to count them”


“living in an electric city when the power goes out is a battle of winds that end up in smoke.”


“i hide behind my voice and i take pride in my mouth for giving me direction of staying shut

The Little Bath House
The Little Bath House

 “hold on to your own arms
you’re the one to save yourself
morality is nice when you’re the
one lacking a soul”

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