Art and Poetry by ember


after the fall
all I felt at all
was like
every time,
the sound
of a different name
was the summon for me
in my here present
where even the past
had a more familiar echo
like my shadow was begging to know
a memory my heart
may have just not left forgotten
with never one intention
of taking the future for granted
though it took me for a ride
from time to sunrise
signs of life were
like being pushed over an edge
without so much as a
“,look out below”
well who knows
if I had never fell
I wouldn’t have such a story
to dwell in time to tell
before the brink
where even my reflection
is pouring out the pieces
of the puzzle
and only one person
I’ve ever met
really was there
every second of
,my own life
me myself and I
there were gray skies
but the sun shined everyday
I pretended as if it did just for me
like I was still on my way
to better horizon
and that’s where all demons
would find me
even without a shield
fighting my way out of the darkness
my peace of mind
is an awakened tide
a sore rhyme
a stretch of chaotic wonder
I pondered how I’d feel when I made it
thought each day is New
my days could be few
how can tomorrow be truly expected
nobody plans on a good cry
but sometimes we don’t make it
on the first try
just to survive
when did that become a crime
I have committed
I won with the hands I were given
the ones,I drew
and …discarded
I see fire in you
I know you’re capable
of rescuing yourself
so why wait on a hero
with armor
when your pain
already made you stronger
take the knife out of your heart
and overcome the enemy
sincerely me,



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