The Diary of Lost Scenes

Poetry and Art by © Serafin Borgia1018151109_HDR~2


Remember what outlives us when we try to stop time,

What became us when we stopped living,

Where you broke ranks from the angry poets

& rambunctious groupies,

chose to be  gentle,

went incognito ,

Became a more- subtle shadow

of your shadow self,

beyond the playgrounds of lucid objects-

Your original onion life-

A  diary of lost scenes,

faded  to a new coherence

of denial.


Lips anointed,

our skeletons’

sharp little breaths

as they prance and rattle

your   outline,

mirror the inky delirium

of everything else


to the fragrant depth

of the streams

that sunk


-The common place of popular lunacy,

-The ‘now cultures’’ asylum of moods

dark and greedy,

twisting  your minds’

tough grace

into a  yawning mist

above the malevolence

of this



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