Smoke Signals from Hell

Poetry by Bekah Steimel ≅ Art by Etienne E. Grinter

image3falling feathers

shed from angel wings

where are the creatures of creationism?

shovels and telescopes reveal nothing

but dirt and stars

Heaven is a hypothesis

masquerading as conclusion

a verdict without proof

you should not gamble away

your inheritance

for a jackpot that may not exist

your life

is not an appetizer


before the entrée of eternity

the ultimate sacrifice

is not your death for life

but your life for death.


12:27 am


Time to justify the indulgence

to forgive the empty bottle

12:27 am

time to quit checking the time

and instead

move blindly with the minutes

and let them gently lead me

out of this confusion

out of the empty bottle

that is always a size too small

and a moment too late




You got over me

while I was still under you

Your carefully chosen words


My carefully chosen situations


Our reckless and youthful entanglement


We cut our teeth on each other’s hearts

you gnawed your way in

You fought to love and hurt me,

and then you disappeared without effort

You said this war is over

(love is war?)

You moved 952 miles away

(out of sight)

You got the life you’ve always wanted

(out of mind)

I stayed in St. Louis—the setting for

our story

I see you in parks and sidewalks and restaurants

that I hated

but still took you to

Because you loved them

Because I loved you

Because I love you

So, now I’m drinking wine and writing yet another poem

(that you will never see)

About you, yet again

(Still you never see)

So, I guess you won the war



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