Fascism at the GOP Fundraiser

Art by /-\5 |-| 3 R

….(For Ben Jacobs)

I’m not a member of the GOP

nor do I care to be

but I like to do some sleuthing


a local newspaper said it would

be held in an auditorium at a

church in a nearby town and

I thought there might be a lot of

attractive blonde- haired women

there in short red dresses

what the heck

I figured and got there

early to sleuth


I took a shower and put on

my most expensive shirt

and some cologne a GOP relative

who hates me gave me as

a Christmas gift about 10 yrs

ago that was in the back of

the closet to fit in


they had free imported

beer and a variety of snacks

a fat man from New Jersey

was hogging up all the donuts

I headed for the beer

putting them away as fast as I could

while the crowd flocked in and

a young guy in a bow tie I recognized

from tv gave me a dirty look


a man took the mike

he was very angry

people stood up and

almost cried about Mexico

some screamed and weren’t making

sense no attractive blonde- haired

women in short red dresses were

there and I had to pee

I wasn’t going into a GOP

bathroom I’ve heard stories so

I went outside and

peed behind the church



when I went back into the

auditorium another crazy

guy was talking about the need

for a wall while Rudy Giuliani was

giggling in the corner with disciples

of madness about how he

tore the heart and soul out of

Times Square and his friend

will do it to the entire country


they ran out of beer

I thought no one was

looking so I grabbed a brownie and

threw it at the guy speaking it

missed and landed at his feet looking

like poop then two big goons

lifted me by my arms and –

literally – threw me out of the

church I landed on the steps


I told the cop at the door

I wanted to press charges

against the two goons and he

said I’d better leave if I knew

what was good for me and

now I know for damn sure

that the GOP isn’t good for me

and it doesn’t like

sleuths and their fundraisers

are not good for me

or anyone else

-poetry by Craig Stormont

Art by /-\5 |-| 3 R


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