I want to make art and be in love

Poetry ± Photography by Aunna Moriarty


Narcotic thoughts
Neurotic notes
Hypnotic love, 2 am
Logic lost
What went wrong
vacant conditions
In the wrong position
Just need to run away

Recent alcoholic
Drink down this tonic
of ashes, serotonin,
No more
Don’t panic
Just make it go away

Flipped, tripped
No longer in tact
You broke me

Just need to disappear
Wear and Tear
Take more drugs, here
Castle in the air
Just don’t wake up

Narcotic notes
Neurotic thoughts
Hypnotic love, 3 am
Baby I’m lost.

Blue Monday

washed out

a forest of bleeding colors

my roots are red

branches of blue

veins grow thick and thin

sticks and stems

break off in the wind

silent screams

stare up at this godforsaken ceiling under

smoky rooftops

frostbitten tongue

mental clouds captivate

my body burns in separation

complexion clears

a solitary shelter

shaded from sunbeams

forest floors fill falsely

in fine feather

night floods the fade

chair testprint

“I can’t reach the world”, a little boy complained. I was faced towards the children’s section in the library.


i can’t reach the world

it’s too high, too heavy

i can’t seem to grasp

i lost my certainty

my conviction, confidence, construction.

my creation is faulty

my touch, broken.

staring out the window,

the wind, the world’s breath,

it’s not filling my lungs.

i fly away, further, farther, finished, fallen.


i can’t reach the world.


see more at Aunna Moriarty at aunnamoriarty.wix.com/amphotography

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