It grins behind your back

 ♠ Art by Paulo Renato Colombiano   ♠  Poetry by J.C. Mari  ♠

It grins behind your back

It’s hard not
To be afraid
When you realize
How suddenly

Can leap
And eat your face

How completely
It can
Drag you


Ropes around your

It’s hard not
To be afraid
When you realize
How close it
Really is

Even if the
Horizon looks empty
Even if the
Horizon looks clean.

How close it’s
Always been

And the only thing

That will kill it

Is your death.


All Love Razed

Such as used to
Make you write
Shit for some one
Or another


Took a walk and
Never came back, it
Probably got
Knifed in some
Back alley drunk


Thrown behind a
Garbage bin and
Eaten by cats, ants,
Roaches, pigeons, dogs
Crackheads, junkies,


And I’m glad I’m not
Petting pigs or
Reading bad
Poetry to the deaf and dull



Even if i don’t miss the
Anxiety nights, someone
Else sticking it
In you while insomnia
Sticks it in me


Even if the whole thing
Everything less, i know
That in some way it
Also made
Everything a little more.


Now there’s just a dry
Waiting for nothing and
The sand sticks
in my throat.


Old man doing laundry


Clothes spinning in the drier

like thoughts that drag and

bark and go round and

round and

nowhere else


and the old man

looks like something

by Satie

playing on a scratched vinyl

on a Thursday afternoon


while the light,

the light touches you

like a dog would lick your hand.

Paulo Renato Colombiano – Visual Artist – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

See more art from Paulo at : and Instagram: @paulorenatocolombiano

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