The shoes didn’t fit

Poetry by George Owen ø Art by Eve Selonke


The shoes didn’t fit

I knew I was born to be no slave

Then the crown didn’t fit

I was baffled by this since I was next in line

I never understood why the shoes were too small

And the crown too heavy

Why to serve wasn’t noteworthy

And to lead was too great

I had to discard this notions

To find solution

A quiver and a bow and I became robin to the hood

Finally understood my dreams

I was a boy yet a man on a mission

Born to be free If I played my position

In the eyes of the king I was nothing but an outlaw

In the eyes of my people I was something of a rebel

But to the common people was a hero of some sort

Like robin had to find my own bandits to become prince of the thieves

To steal from the rich and gift to the poor

To bring about justice and equity to the law

But before I could commit this treason I was arrested by the guard

But how could they know my intentions? Was I thinking out loud?

So I was taken to the king found guilty of treason and sentenced to die

Not by hanging or beheading but my very own bows

So I was sent to the executioner with tears in my eyes

Three arrows to my heart

Was like 3 raps on my back

And I awoke on the floor

It was 3 minutes past 8

It was the 3rd time I was late for my class in a week –


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