Poetry by Shelly Buttenhoff Miller ♥ Art by Mark Venaglia

Fragility of a persons heart

like the wings of a moth above the flame

A bit of humanity

is not human at all

We cannibalize other’s lives

as if they mean nothing


Love cannot conquer all


Agony from another’s choice

profoundly effects so many


In the spiders web

we are all trapped together

the spider waiting patiently

for our mistake and it’s chance

to change everything forever


Yet our compassion can

bring relief from the grief
of the inhumane actions of some

SAM_0142-002My name is Shelly Buttenhoff Miller. I just moved to Springfield, Oregon from a much smaller town. I enjoy hiking, photography, reading and even coloring. I started writing poetry to help me express my feelings and emotions in a way I’d never been able to before. I have a mental illness but refuse to let it define me.

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