Poetry by Jenny Santellano ♣ Art by Jaimie Filer

Scan 5



Brutality beckons

harsh words

filtered through

slants of eyes

captivated by

carnal cravings

sumptuous taste

of salty tears

luscious lies


Your hands

my thighs

hair pulled

forceful thrust

caged in lust




Scan 8


Sacred Woman


They’ve christened

me a lady, cross-legged,

envied, refined recluse,


while the witches

are still burning,

screaming as I dance


I can feel their fingernails

scratching at my core


I don’t belong in this breed,

but somehow my jagged

pieces fit perfectly into

their pragmatic puzzle,


and puzzled I am,

barely able to stand,

yet perfectly poised


Complaisant and weary

I’m a withered soul in guise,

fake smile, tied bows,

maimed but pretty

in their eyes


Magna Carta, fuck you


Misinterpreted bits of

information accepted

under false pretense,

driven by greedy

hierarchy feeding off

of the naivety of its

servants whose loyalty

is akin to the after-

effect of being shot

by Cupid’s arrow


Capitalism is not

a true democracy,

but it is risky to rebel

against a totalitarian

government, and the

nature of human beings

is to accept authority


Freedom does not exist

until you resist


It’s a lesson the living

will never learn-

Only the dead know




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