Metal Butterflies

Poetry by JD DeHart ∼ Street Art by Krishnamallalarge_txt_3ao5dnl


If I were a god,

which is a dangerous statement,

I would make the butterflies

creak or sing some kind of country

melody, so that while we sit


sipping our generic lemonade

and watching the sky be the sky,

we could marvel at the metallic flap

of their wings


I would also have a million

dollars and do devastation to my

enemies, but that’s a whole other

poem to be written.paint10
Itty Bitty

The itty bitty woman looks at me

when I walk in


I really wish she wouldn’t


It’s strange having the roving

eyes of other humanoid creatures

on you,


I must admit I’ve never gotten

used to it


I picture myself, rotated, in her itty

bitty head, considered, reshuffled,

designated a box to live in


Titles like Jerk, Maniac, Fiend, Nice Guy,

or maybe she’s just thinking about

something else entirely.


Backup Person

It’s almost as if I might

be inflatable, stored under

the seat


Prospect number one didn’t show –

Have no fear, backup person is here,

just add water


Not I have better things to do

with my time, but….well, yes, I could

come up with something better


than being someone’s spare tire.


…see STREET ART from Krishnamalla at <>

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