Platinum City 《白金城市》

Photos by Maros Kentos + Poetry By Yuan Hongri ÷ Translated by Manu Mangattu 


Ah! Of colourful stones of yore

The road you paved light.

In the kingdom of stars,

I finally found my home.

In that city of gold,

I opened the gate to the Sun,

To behold a fragment of the divine.

At the Royal Palace of the Jewel

Of the prehistoric wonders I read

In an enormous, gorgeous ancient book.

By my eyes I saw

The golden words that Juan carved

A wondrous strange mystery tale;

Into a full new world I went,

To witness the seat of the holy Kingdom:

Even before the Earth was born;

The erstwhile home of human history.


Across Time and Space in crystalline glitter

Stands this moment a platinum city –

A ship drifting leisurely,

Like a bird, resplendent in variegated hues.


 In the crystal garden I saw

A crowd of youthful giants,

Their eyes were bright and glittering

In the aura of the body’s sparkle.PD_0025-001


They sang happy songs

They danced a wonderful dance

Lanky boys and girls in pairs

As if to celebrate the splendid carnival.


I saw a circular edifice

High above the city.

Giving out a white light.

Raised ground to fly into the quiet space.


A frame of platinum edifice

Creating a beautiful pattern.

The whole city is a circle

Arranged into a fine structure.


Into a bright hall I went.

A strange instrument there I saw.

A huge screen hanging on the wall,PD_0086-1 - Copy

Displaying a golden space.


Like bits of colourful crystal stones!

Resplendent with variegated colours of the city!

Those beautiful high-rise buildings

A sight better than the myth of the world.


A line I saw of strange letters.

On one side of the screen

Numerous young and strong giants

Concentrate to watch the changing images.


Their look is quiet and peaceful.

The light in their eyes.

In a flash of clothes

The next is a whole.


Their bodies are very tall.

Seven meters high is each foot.

Men and women look dignified

No age difference apparent either.


Their skin is white as snow

With a faint flashy shine

Bright eyes just like an infant’s

And with a strange flame.


They manipulate the magic of the instrument.

A picture of the changing space.

Their language is artless and plane.

As the bell is generally pleasant.


As the bright hall I see

A powerful energy I feel

Body and mind, full of happiness.

And it seems to be a giant.


I seem to understand their language.

They are exploring the mysteries of the universe.

That in the city there is a planet

Peopled with their various partners.


Their mind they use to manipulate the instrument

Also can to transfer data be used

Even thousands of miles apart

Also to talk free to the heart.


A line of text on the screen

Is but a message from afar.

The whole universe is their home.

They build cities in space.


The space shuttle they use

To take you to other space.

A moment into a lightning

You become a trace in the air.

I feel a new civilization.

They have magical eyes.

They seem to be able to see the future

And can enter diverse time and space.


Men and women are hallowed and loving

Superior to our world’s so-called love

They don’t seem to understand ageing

Neither do they know about war.


Time seems not to exist

Science is a wonderful art

Their happiness comes from the creation of

A universe full of divine love.


I saw a young giant

Opening the door of a platinum –

A round, magnificent hall

Packed with rows of men and women.


I saw a crystal stage.

At the centre of the hall.

A dignified and beautiful girl

Was playing a huge musical instrument.


A bunch of golden rays,

Shifting all kinds of brilliant graphics

A mysterious and beautiful music

Like the Dragon leisurely crowing.


Thence I saw an enormous giant

Jump out of the dance onto the stage.

His hands held a huge ball

Shining with colourful shades.


I saw a group of young girls

Wearing a white dress

They seemed to fly

Like a giant crane.


The huge circular hall was beautified

With clear, transparent decoration.

Like a gem of a full set.

Shining bright in light.


I saw a young singer

About the golden flame

The sound was strange and strikingimg415

As if the singing was a chanting.


Their song of bliss change

Random like a lightning

It’s a planet of the universe

A bright light in space.


And, as the crystal city

The air too is splendid.

Countless wonderful golden flowers

Bloom and blush in that flawless space.


A picture of a transparent smiling face

As I saw in that colourful garden

The golden light from the sky

Turned it to a city of gold.


I strode out of the circular hall

Came to a wide street with a smooth

Pavement covered with precious stones

And in line with the platinum edifice.


Trees none I found there.

But they are in full bloom.

Sparkling with rich incense,

The formation of a garden.


Some strange flowers were there.

The branches as transparent crystal

Flashing all kinds of brilliant colours;

A bunch of round golden fruit too.


I saw a huge statue.

It was like a spaceship.

Like a shining star, standing

Aloft at the centre of the street.


I saw a column of dazzling fountain

In a huge circle;

A beautiful statue

Portraying a holy giant.DSCN6892


A soaring edifice

Ran round the circle.

There were some garden villas

There was a white steeple.


I saw a wide river

Girdling this huge city

The bottom flash reflected transparent Jinsha

There were sundry colourful gems.


The planning of tall trees

And a long corridor

A multi-coloured bird

Three five one group on the surface of the water.


I saw a vast forest

The swaying tree, a tree of gold

The trees with towering spires

And as some platinum Pavilion.


I saw some giants along the walk,

Some male and female bodybuilders.

At the water’s brink or in the forest

Like birds carefree and relaxed.


An ideal space as bright as crystal

Embraced this platinum City;

A white and bright ball

Flashed light in the air.


It was a huge sun

And like a man-made planet

The whole city was shining

To frame a kind of magic.


A strange speeding train circled

About the city back and forth;

There seemed to be a kind of track in the skyPD_0025-001

Like a shiny silver curve.


They seated body white buildings

It was a dreamlike maze

Huge urban anomaly;

Could not even hear the sound of the wind.


I bade goodbye to the platinum city.

Near a golden space

Stands another city here

A huge city of gold.


The building here is also huge.

But it’s another beautiful shape.

The whole city is glittering

Golden edifice as beautiful as sculpture.


Here there are some other giants.

As if from another nation

They have boundless wisdom.

Like a golden, holy civilization.PD_0026


Author introduction: YuanHongri was born in 1962 in Shandong province Yanzhou District China, folk poet, specializing in the creation. Representative works include poem 《Platinum City》,《Gold City》,《Golden Paradise 》、《Gold Sun》、《Golden Giant》 .

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