The Morning After, (or Where Is Reverend Wright When You Need Him?)

"New World Order" 2016

Non-fiction by Tango Jordan ⊇ Art by Anthony Lopez

"New World Order" 2016
“New World Order” 2016

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is feeling like I’m feeling right now. I’m in pain. I’m in shock. I’m angry. I’m confused. I’m scared.

What the fuck have we done?

I couldn’t imagine what my friends in the United Kingdom felt when the referendum to leave the European Union…

Until now.

The sad thing is that they WARNED us. They said, “We didn’t think Brexit would pass. It did. Pay attention, United States. This could be you.”

I’m ashamed to say, I might have scoffed a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t rest on my laurels. I encouraged my son and every one of his friends to vote, and they did. I voted myself. I got my sister, who hasn’t voted in forever, to vote this year.

But I never thought for a second that a man like Donald Trump would be allowed to be President of The United States.

I’m pissed at myself for underestimating how racist this goddamn country is.

I’m feeling very Reverend Wright right now. God Damn Amerikka. You fucking let us down in every way today, you white supremacist motherfuckers.

This man was endorsed by the KKK. The real deal Ku Klux Klan. An organization with a long history of violence against people who look like me. Are you telling me you thought that was okay? Really? How in the actual fuck do you resolve this in your addled brains?

This man is a terrible person.

Besides being a terrible person, he’s an altogether unprepared person to be the Leader Of The Free World. I think these things more than anything have me absolutely terrified. Trump dealing with Russia, China, Korea, Syria, SERIOUSLY?!


If you have family in the military, do you realize what you’ve done? Hillary was said to be hawkish, which was true, but there’s hawkish, and then there’s a fucking dodo bird. This man actually asked what we have to do to use a nuke?

He can’t wait to use a nuke.

I’m not scared. I’m fucking terrified.

Somebody somewhere in my Facebook feed said, “This isn’t the time to point fingers.”

Fuck that, and fuck you, buddy. Let’s spread this blame around like the bullets that will be flying at young Black men from police officers.

I’m looking at you, Democratic Party. YOU screwed the pooch on this shit.

I voted for Hillary, despite the fact that I wasn’t pleased with her as the nominee. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary, but if we’re honest, NEITHER ONE OF THEM made any significant outreach to the Black community.

I watched many of the Black activists I respect and look up to campaign vigorously for 3rd party candidates.

They pretty much said “Let this bitch burn.”

Not Hillary, mind you (that’s sexist). The country. Let this bitch burn. They demanded “Earn My Vote, Or Lose.”

Straight up, she didn’t earn shit. She got less of the Black vote than Barack. Less of the Latinx vote. Less of the young people. She really counted on the fact that people hated Trump more than they hated her. The same thing that happened to her in the primaries in 2004 when Obama won happened to her when the chips were down. Take this as a sign of the times, White Democrats. You can’t simply chastise Democrats of color and expect that they will be there.

Let’s be honest: Tim Kaine was a safe VP pick. Had she went with a Latinx, she could have sown that shit up. Nope. She picked a vanilla-ass VP to continue to shore up the white vote. White people that let her the fuck down.

But underneath the overwhelming disappointment I feel right now, there’s one small nugget of hope that I hold deep inside me. And no, I’m not thinking about anything that will earn me a visit from Secret Service if I write it. I watched the racists do that with Obama for eight years. I’m not hoping for the man’s death.

I’m hoping that Trump will be Trump.

The man is extremely arrogant. He’s pretty high on himself right now. He’s got 71 days before he actually takes office. I am not sure that he can’t do something right now that will prevent him from taking office in January. This is really not outside the realm of possibilities.

Think about it: we’ve heard how he views women. Let’s think back to Bill Clinton in the White House and what he did. At that time, nobody could have guessed that he would do something so stupid as he did with Monica Lewinsky. Now, think about Trump.

You can see it too, can’t you? You can totally see something like that happening, and even before he sets foot in the Oval Office.

Obama went through eight years without a major scandal. What are the odds that this man can do the same thing? I mean, some really major Administration-ending shit? When we elected Nixon, nobody knew he was a criminal.

But Trump? Come on, people. He never released his tax returns. There might be something there right now as we speak.

Mike Pence isn’t exactly what I’d want in a Commander-In-Chief either, but he’s not the dumpster fire that Trump is. He’s a more traditional shitty Republican. Trump defies conventional political definition. The man has never held a public office. Never. There is no conceivable reason this man won…

I mean, other than racism. This was a whitelash. President Obama and Democrats refused to address race in America. Trump did. And this is what you get.

Goddamn You, Amerikkka.


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