The Most Pleasurable Vagina

Poetry by Michael Marrotti ♦ Art by WAZZUP CATITABITCHWITCHpublish

Finding a good poem
is like finding
the most pleasurable
vagina in Pittsburgh

Steps will be taken
until shoes are
worn thin
Words will be spoken
upon deaf ears
Miles will be driven
leading you back to
where you began

Porn on repeat
Fresh out of lotion
Disparity lurking
in the shadows
Candles blowing
out in the wind

After all the anguish
precum and wet dreams
It’ll fall into your lap
like an eager whore
scrounging around
for funds to purchase
the latest iPhone

Open arms and
expired condoms
Hit like a sucker punch
Gratified by the pain
Turning the page
to a stimulating verse
The plot it thickens
Eradication of the
run around game

The words will flow freely
like a moist vagina in action
Left to right up and down
Until the poem is finished
Reaching the climax and
using the pages to clean
up a mess from this
orgasmic moment
That was a long time

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  1. All right, Mario! Suppose you can now call yourself a scholar too. And even teach poetry at a community college. But that would require giving a hum job to queer professors. Not a pleasant notion…

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