Art and Poetry by Maro Kentros

ferry (1)

A Ferry bellows, my heart pounds

and my metabolism rises

listening to the ferry beat across the horizon

crossing the Sound.

Closer and closer, silent sorcerer steals the night

Like a centipede in flight.


The Ferry slithers by

Beauty to the eye

There is quiet and peace in the silvery water.


I get on.

A bird stops singing

and I recall, birds stop singing

whenever I stand under their tree.


People babble like a brook

never stop to take a look


 circling ’round-

Beneath the snow

an Emerald City flows on gold.


The ferry recedes

in the shadow of the moon

crushing ice with sonic beams.

Stirring waves are heaven bound

Perfectly aligned.

The wind wails! Light parallels.


The Crescent Moon surrounds the breeze

the silver beams stroll through the trees.

Seattle moon slinks through the mist

and as it drops across The Sound

while ferries cut through her shimmering crown

a man could drown on beauty’s breath

On stepping-stones of silver beads.


Ying and Yang caress the Soul!

   And in my ecstasy I know

 I’ll never be this happy again.

I know I’m somebody in this place-

For I can feel the magic

    of this gliding Loon.


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