Whole Glass of Water

Poetry by Gray Tyler ♠ Photography by Serafin Borgia

Today, I spilled a whole glass

Of water on myself, my sofa,

My computer, my cell phone,

My universe


My child is drowning


And the truth is this is the most

Eventful part of my day so I relish

My fastidious rescue.



From outside the window,

I can spy the goings on of my little

Neighborhood, the great claw

Carting away my summer flowers


I can spy the joggers and the jabbers,

The people who inspect garbage

For leftovers, the dogs shitting in my



I can spy a version of myself

If I ever went outside

And wonder why I do not want

To join in.



They offered a round of medicines

And an IV filled with clear

Liquid of healing


They offered lollipops

And magazines

And a television station or two


But all I wanted was a softness.



Naked in the Backyard


Virtues of living away

From others might include

Screaming bloody murder

With no one to check


Other virtues include the feeling

Of sunshine and grass

On the roundness of my body


A soft blanket of evergreen.

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