Poetry by Karis Jones Ö Art by Robert Bowen long-hair-dont-care12x12_0

Because my black cat

often traps herself in my closet,

she is forbidden to enter it.


one night

I purposely

left it open

for her.


Tentatively, she entered,

hiding herself

in the shadows

of the dark dresses.


She sat.


I waited as long as I could.

Then I unceremoniously

expelled her.


I am a bad god,

because I cannot help

but preserve

the mystery of Eden.


Hourglass Draining

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day”

-Macbeth Act IV, Scene V


You’re in all the wrong places –

shoes, stairs

bushes, beds

busy usurper of safe spaces.


When I’m alone, I see you

from the corner of my eye.

I know if I turned

to catch you

you’d already be gone –


I don’t look


(I know you’ll return)


You purr to me –

without tomorrow to fear


sleep is an ally,

the briefly burning candle

is lovely to watch


if Life is but a shadow,

then who casts its breadth?

(dear, to truly know Life,

one must also know Death).


Toy with me if you will,

my love,

but we both know who

pulls the strings.


You’ll wait for me.


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