Classic of Mountains and Seas


Medium: Experimental Animation


 The classic of Mountains and Seas is an independent animation. The inspiration comes from the Chinese book “ Classic of Mountains and Seas”, a compilation of mythic geography and myth. In this book, there is a huge number of mythical beasts living in the fantastic environment.After reading, I summary the method of mythical creatures construction and utilize this method to create my own mythical beasts, meanwhile, many fantastic and dreamlike environments like “solar smelter” and “crystal dreamland” are build up, which also generate a series of the narrative and story. The sound in this animation is original by myself. It is not only a background music but also narrative tools which provide the information and details about this fantastic world the images does not show in terms of hearing. 



 I am the multimedia artist who focuses on Dynamic Imaging. My works are various including video, animation, illustration, Sound, and Graphic Design. In my works, a mysterious and fantastic visual experience is presented. I have been discovered the new art presentation of space narrative and explores the relationship among the women, nature, and mythology.” 

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