Subhankar Das

Parrot by philipp Aurand

Sounds of happiness

I switch my phone off

And turn on the other side

SCREAM by Philipp Aurand
SCREAM by Philipp Aurand

And keep listening

To the sounds of happiness

On the rooftop

As if trying to believe for a while

That everything is all right

When you walk in

Wearing only your smell

Underneath that raincoat

And you’re sprouting nipples

Loves me more than you do

Which the raincoat knows better

Than the rain outside

Parrot by philipp Aurand
Parrot by philipp Aurand


on the edge


I feel so lucky to have a friend like you who never thinks twice before badmouthing. i go into a semi crouch of a boxer then relax taking a deep breath then go back to my beer or a book or a piece of blank paper or a mirror and stand stark naked.

Subhankar Das (Calcutta, India)



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