The hunting of the Snark

image1Poetry by: Mark Young ◊ Graffiti Photography by: Shuan ONE

Paleolithic texts. Glyphs &
sigils. The littoral is lined
with recursive anemones.
Plant / sand / animals. The
literal is lined. Buster Keaton
& Harold Lloyd. The silents
are full of patients. Fatty
Arbuckle once fucked some
body with a bottle. She did not
live to tell the tale. The silents
are. Text glyphs. Paleolithic. D.W.
Griffith birthing the nation under
right-wing & reactionary dog. The
subtext says Intolerance, is full
of patients who did not have
the patents to survive. The silence
is. Sigil. A shame. What is not
said. Ashamed. The nation is not.
Therefore. Is not a nation. No-
one wants to give it berth. No-one
lives to tell the tale. All bottled-
up. Impatience. In-patients.





occurs. The prolonged

deaths of inmates mean

a relative disjuncture be-

tween the bleak days of

the Cold War & asthma


due to inhaled chemical

fumes. Any image given

may be a representation,

but many empirical pro-

jects involve estimation

with clustered data. Yet


another email from an FBI

agent requesting speaker

fees will take you back

to Afghanistan. The type-

writers are a bit of an old-

fashioned juxtaposition.

This / dress is / on back order


Very few people still weave

in the lean days after the


beginnings of wars & the

ending of dynasties. That’s


why I like these black-on-black

brocade paneled pants that


have open slashes & a button-

up front, with sun & moon


images embroidered in

gold. All successful rulers


wear them. Get ready to

fight to defend your turf.


Retro Fishboards


My cat died, & it affected

me as much as losing my

mind. The science of what

makes your nails replace

themselves suggests that

long-distance runners shed

fur only to gain a soul

patch. May be a wardrobe


staple for most, but they’re

always tight around my

hips. Have a browse &

find one which both suits

your needs & gives you

an evolutionary advantage.


Mark Young lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia, & has been publishing poetry for more than fifty-five years. His most recent books are Mineral Terpsichore, from gradient books of Finland, & The Chorus of the Sphinxes, from Moria Books in Chicago.  An e-book, The Holy Sonnets unDonne, came out earlier this year from Red Ceilings Press; another, a few geographies, will be out later this year from One Sentence Poems; & another, For the Witches of Romania, is scheduled for publication by Beard of Bees.

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