The Long Walk Home 

Poetry by Caroline Field θ Art by Jennifer Chester


We walked to the top of the valley,

And turned for home.

The old farm road,

A track with grass growing down the midpoint,

Bordered by two ancient hand-built stone walls,

Stretched away from us

Like a ribbon of faith,

A promise that

It would guide us on our journey.

Looking down its length,

It appeared to be the string

That held each building block,

Each field, together.

We realised just how deep

In conversation we had been,

To have come this far,

Without noticing, that

It was a long walk home.

© Caro Ness 2015


 A Four Letter Word

Love is just a four-letter word
Like long, or like, or wish, or hope,
Yet, though it may seem quite absurd,
It encircles the heart with silken rope,
And makes each day seem bright and new,
With myriad wonderful things to do.
No hill too steep, no road too far,
To be precisely where YOU are!
You, the lover, you the muse,
You the beautiful dancing shoes
That sashay into the mind, the brain,
And linger, like a sweet refrain,
That needs discovering again and again….
Love is just a four letter word,
Like sing, or grin, or feel or hold,
Yet it’s the icing on the cake,
The greatest story ever told.
It’s the fizz in a fine champagne,
It’s the huff and puff of an old steam train
The breeze breathing gently on your face
The intricacies of a piece of lace,
It’s euphoria, it’s a dream
It’s the cherry on top of a large ice cream,
It’s a name you can’t ignore
If I’m the apple, your its core,
It’s a megatastic superstore.
Love is just a four-letter word,
But oh, it is so much MORE

© Caro Ness 2015



Butterfly Nebula

A curious collision
Of particles and dust
From a dying planet,
Adorning our night sky.
Viewed through the Hubble Telescope,
Its wings span several light years,
And it burns at 250,000 degrees Centigrade.
A beautiful butterfly,
Flexing its wings.

© Caro Ness 2015


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