Art and Poetry by Maro Kentrosdscn7937

Why is it that the eye should see

in modes of trigonometry?


The David’s triading out at me

one-hundred years of history


And Delacroix’s triangles unveil

 the fantasies of ancient tales


El Greco’s Holy Trinity

weaves the mystery of infinity


While Degas dancers line in threes

Picasso’s Muses prance through trees


And ‘Luncheon on the Grass’ for three

 the third eye of the Bodhisattva sees


The Androgynous Nymphia of Impiglia

 romance the world of Opera


While triangles prance thru Space for Art

 anatomy joins body soul and heart


And Neptune’s Trident turns in Space

  the Sun, the Moon, the stars, in grace


What truth is cast between the eyes

          that triangles tie them to mind and skies?

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