The Sock Gremlin

Sock Gremlin


I am a scientist and have an inquisitive mind.

I decided to investigate a problem voiced

by my wife.

Often, when she washes clothes, one

of the sock she put in the laundry turns up

missing. She puts in ten socks and only

comes out with nine.


I tried an experiment. I carefully counted

ten socks and put them into the washer.

When the wash was finished, I found only

nine socks.


I searched carefully, but the tenth sock

was gone. I hypothesized it was taken

by a gremlin with a fetish for socks. I

searched everywhere for his trove.


Try as I might, I couldn’t find his cashe.

There is only one conclusion I can draw.

That cunning little imp eats those socks

for lunch.

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