Art by William Shenewolf ♣ Poetry by Brenton Booth

300x300 (3)

fresh paint

Hang me with

the angels

while the ice

cream cones dance

on the tightrope

the raindrops mumble

in Spanish

the bulls gallop on the

pineapple moon

hang me with

the angels

while the tap drowns

the sink

the guitar string reads

Fathers and Sons

the photograph no

longer reminds me

of myself

hang me with

the angels

while the telephones

murder the trees

the naked leaves

fly to Brazil

the pocket screams

out for more

hang me with

the angels

while the poets punch

the screens

the chimneys recite


the water eats the


hang me with

the angels

and give me another


as I walk to

the edge

hoping to find



than death

this time.

Bio: Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. Poetry and fiction of his has appeared in over 150 publications and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His book ‘ Punching the Teeth from the Sky’ is available from Epic Rites Press. To read more of his work visit brentonbooth.weebly.com

The Unauthorized history of Street Art (pt.2)

Art by Douglas Hoekzema Story by Mark Venaglia IMG_6766

(Continued) “The Pompeii Room at The Met Museum in Manhattan, we are told, was dug up and transported in slabs, across The Atlantic.”

If actually from 79 AD, the costly container, the glass bowl holding the quince communicates to us like contemporary art. It is a picture reference to the wealth of the villa owner while also celebrating the multiple forms of whoopee going throughout Pompeii. Being a gladiator didn’t pay all that well, but being hired to boink an occasional senator’s wife made up the balance nicely. The working girls of Pompeii certainly had full time employment. Many of the early Christians of this period said the spontaneous volcanic eruptions and the burying of Pompeii & Herculaneum, within minutes, was the wrath of an enraged God. If so- He must have really loved what those Pompeian artists created- for the majority of the graffited interior walls were excavated perfectly intact, starting in 1760 and through The Late 19th Century.

Back to the bowl of fruit- maybe a restoring artist’s’ NYC joke, added in the 1960’s. Nowhere in any other example of Pompeii wall art do we find any life-sized items that invite us to reach right into the painted world, making it virtual in our dimension. If authentic, it is an even more profound example of artists reaching across the timeline, channeling art forms the rest of the world won’t be seeing for another 2-3 centuries. The entire room has as much movement, pattern and electrifying fun as every modern example of Street Art. The means are pigment buttered across wet plaster, a 79 AD technique very similar to 20th century aerosol cans and hand-cut stencils.

Fintan Magee and Hoxxoh (Douglas Hoekzema)

Fintan Magee and Hoxxoh (Douglas Hoekzema)

I want more Street Artist to recognize the great company they are in. Early Graffiti work, creating entire environments and Installations- funded by an appreciative however preoccupied culture, glorifying the beach homes of these vacationing Romans.

Also at The Met, a more dramatic Pompeian room, over 70% blackened like any typical subway tunnel is just 1 minute and 15 seconds away from the first famous room. Please use the zoom on your smartphone. We think it is pure, original Pompeian- but there we see exact hieroglyphic icons, lifted right from….The Egyptians. Plenty of sea trade was going on between Egypt and the Roman cities. And some rather lusty conquering, too. In the same way as graffiti lettering first crafted in LA only now to appear in Berlin, the Pompeian wall artists referenced Egypt and also created the ultimate whoopee room. Imagine this windowless room, candles flickering and all the carefully painted visual icons popping out of the darkness like 1st century PacMan- one that you lived in. And, eventually, slept inside of.

414762_df1a975dc52b4c3b92aaf5bd32bd9c57In the ‘80’s there was no such thing as Drawing or Composition in art school. The same way that hand writing is being thrown out currently, the practice of making something that looked like something was non-existent….and especially among the Ivy league college art professors, like the one I was at. (On work/study. Which none of my classmates ever let me forget. )

The NYC art-world that grew out of The East Village was endless blocks of 3-4 burned out buildings, then a storefront with a painfully austere gallery- very much a spaceship dumped upon the lunar landscape. The owners of these cultural satellites pretty much treated everyone in the actual neighborhood like we were Martians. In a cultural climate like that, the exhibiting artists desperately needed the pretentiousness of galleries to sell their boxes of cornflakes hand-sunk into resin with the thrill of live roaches parading to and from the art to the cracks in the walls.
Fresh from college, how was I to compete with this artistic splendor?

I taught myself to paint so realistically, viewers thought they were looking at the real thing- not a Realistic painted version of something recognizable- but the actual thing. This established my credibility as an artist fro across the room. And upper middle class art-lovers were spending way more money with Tromp L’oeil artists than any of The East Village or Soho gallery artists bragged about making. Now, as then, I was completely self-supported- so the kind of art I needed to create became very clear.

Mural in Detroit with Library Street Collective Gallery. Photo by Sal Rodriguez

Photo by Sal Rodriguez

There is also a beautiful link between lush panted scenery of the 19th century European theater and current Street Art installations. Outside in the real world, converting an entire absconded building while integrating the exiting windows and doors into the actual design is Installation Art at its most authentic and exciting. But The Guggenheim is still propping up its boxes of cornflakes suspended forever in resin and fish tanks. Graffiti and Street Artists can teach these institutions.
As Street Artists recognize their own spontaneous, divine connection to the radically talented artists of the last 4 centuries, an organic increase in attention, representation and acquisition prices is impossible to avoid.

What I sincerely want to know is WHO is teaching street artists to make their epic, amazing, gigantic works of art LOOK REAL? There is no Street Art Trompe L’oeil class, even in Berlin, that I can find. Where is this passion to reinvent this forgotten element from Art History coming from? Do Street Artists feel as much outsiders to the real art world as I did throughout the shoulder-padded ‘80’s? Keith Haring and Kenny Scharff brought a large amount of interest and validation to graffiti, provided the artist doing the tagging on the sale-able gallery merchandise was as white as the original state of the canvasses.
The cave paintings of Lascaux are miraculous two times over.

IMG_6775 The current theory that is so genuinely controversial it has been completely buried by the Fine Art World- and, truthfully, any discovery that has serious truth as its core will be annihilated by The Fine Art world faster than any pile of bricks dripped with wax. This theory makes so much sense, that of course it has made 40 somethings, and older, quake with indignant rage. The fact that it, clearly, establishes a lineage to Graffiti and Street Art makes it unspeakably dangerous to- well, the entire foundation of Art History.

i Photo by Larrea

Mural in Wynwood, Miami Photo by Diana Larrea

If the average human lived to just 20 or 25 years of age, then a 14 and 16 year olds would have been mid-lifers; adults in heir prime. The current concept: that the artists of these lush, multilayered images were packs of hormonal raging, shouting, carousing teenage boys- tagging their territories, only to have that series of images re-tagged by another band of pigment brandishes. In between nailing a bison or two for their tribe’s continuation.

The Caves of Lascaux are doubly validating because, since they were opened to the modern world 20 years ago, the radical introduction of humidity oozing from art-lovers pores and mouths (also known as breathing), began a decomposition process of the 3 gazillion year old images that put every art expert into a frenzy. We will examine tromp l’oeil / “to fool the eye” in the next section, but it is very inspiring to me, to see the French rising to the occasion, utilizing art to solve the problem. When we visit Lascaux currently, above ground, we find an entire recreation of these actual caverns. Reproduced by contemporary artists to exactly replicate the original caves below. Art and living artists were hired to graffittize the fake cavern walls to the point where they are identical to the walls below, that we can longer enter for ourselves.


Bewildering, vast and fantastic, the original subway tubes of downtown Los Angeles were sealed because of culture terror and gang-inspired extra curricular activities. I envision these tunnels, recreated, as the cornerstone to the museum I want to open out there. May Eli Broad continue to collect the art-stars and share them with us in tax-incentive abundance along Eli Broad Boulevard. These sealed graffiti tunnels, painted in the 1970’s and forward- depict the same compositional elements we see as currently, officially sanctioned Street Art from the early part of this new century. The proof is inside those caves.

The term “graffiti” has come to mean illicit, but prior to spray cans and land owners drowning in grotesquely inflated property taxes, graffiti was the term for any type of recognizable image scratched into an upright surface. The Catacombs beneath Rome, Egyptian tombs and their wall-sized comic book strips, the term “graffito” became very popular during the golden age of radical artists in Florence- The Renaissance.

IMG_6937See more art from Douglas Hoekzema (aka HOXXOH ) at www.elhoxxoh.com or on instagram 

Interview with an artist

Who are you and where are you from?
My name’s Ziv Lahat,I was born in Ivory coast now I live in Israel.

I studied Fashion Designer in Paris at ESMOD,I’m a Lowbrow artist,Toy and Fashion Designer.

Can you tell us about your latest project?FullSizeRender (18)

I have a few projects that I’m doing right now…The latest ones will be my participation at Mostra Skateboard Show at Sao Paulo on november 2016 my works will published on skateboards.

I’ve another big project that I did with Mighty Jaxx…it’s my figures Mr E and Mr Finki that have 3 series of colors…They’re selling all over the world.


What message do you want people to receive from your artwork?

First of all to be happy,after that to see my artwork and starts to imagination what can be,feels the colors that I put in each artwork that I did not to be afraid of colors..to take a trip like I said.
FullSizeRender (12)
Do you remember your first creative work, the moment you knew that you where an artist?

when I was 8 years old…I started to draw a battle of Genghis Khan and a lot of Egyptian Calligraphy.FullSizeRender (13)

Who are your favorite artist and inspirations?

My favorite artists are Ed Roth, Von Dutch, Robert Williams,Shawn Dickson, MrGTiki, Von Franco, Mist, Dondi, Tats Cru, Laurent Purotu, Keone Nunes, Sulu’ape Family, Roonui,Tim Hendricks,Doug Horne,Dave Burke,Damian Fulton,Dirty Donny,The Pizz, Frank Kozik, Horiyoshi 3, Speedluck, Keith Weesner, Sol Rac,Tom Laura(Big Toe), Shag, Tiki Shark, Sailor Jerry,Trey Surtees, Knuckle, Grimb, Ware Mad Sculpture, Lucky Rudy, Hoodoo Man, Holiday PainT, Masa Sculpt, Psycho Graphix, MonsterFarm and many more…

My inspirations comes from Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock N’Roll, Punk, Rockabilly, Oi!, Psychobilly, Exotica,Tattoo, Polynesian Culture, Tiki, Tribals, Kustom Kulture, Hot Rods, Primitive Art, History, Weridohs,Gothic,Street Style,Street-wear, Jazz,Graffiti, Lowbrow, Pop-surrealism, Urban art, Toys, Comics, Characters, Surf Art, Skateboard, Rastafarian, B-boy, Bikers…. FullSizeRender (17)

What tools do you use to create?

My Tools are Posca Markers,Giotto Markers,Acrylic Colors,Pen,Spray Can,Digital (Photoshop and Illustrator).mysterious triple head

Where can we see more of your art, what other places has your work
been published?

You can see my works at:
My works has been published  at the latest:
1. Pizza Pyramid Magazine volume 5 in USA (2016).
2.Kustom Life Magazine volume 3 in Germany(2016)
3.Frontend Magazine volume 35 in Japan(2016).
4.Chausser Magazine volume 179 in France(2009)
5.An online interview at Kingz.fr in France http://www.kingz.fr/?p=5541 (2016).
What do you see yourself doing in 20 years?

Drawing,Painting,Sculpting,make a lot of collaborations and Exhibitons

rudeboyIf you could work on a creative project with anyone in the world from
any period in time who would it be?

It’ll be my mentor Ed Roth :-).


Any last words you would like to say to the Section 8 Magazine readers

You should see my works…I want to bring a new things in art..I hope that you’ll love it 🙂


Art by PEJAC Poetry by Reed Venrick

I want to be a Journalist

Because, look, what do I care

where the line of reporting ends

and the blind of exploiting begins?


I want to be a journalist and have my name

n print or spoken on the media waves.

—This is J. Williamson Smithman…reporting from…Washington,

New York, or London. Or Paris!


Not like the dusty old days, my professor tells,

when you had to adhere to clunky standards,

Now you can do pretty much what the hell you want,

as long as you squeeze in your conflict,

which is the bottom line they teach

in this famous Journalism school,

rated number one or two or three.


Whether you report for the State

Inquirer or for MDS or Boxtrot

News, where they don’t forget to

add how they balance things out

and play ball on a fair and level, if bumpy field.

And being blonde helps to get you hired,

so my hair is tinted yes.


And as any insider to the biz knows, the coup

of the “news day” is getting some maudlin fool

or distraught victim to cry on camera; for tha

the reporter gets a promotion, if not a raise!


Or even PPC News where the reporter sought

the brother of a plane crash victim in Egypt

and pushed the journalist question down his throat.

—How does it make you feel

that your bro has gone missing?

And not just missing in a plane, but over

the deep, dark sea late at night? Come now, tell us.


Because, really, unnerving questions are so cool,

and just one of the journalist’s tools,

they teach us at this top-rated school, so

sure, I’m gonna be a journalist, I’ve decided,

I’m no fool.



No stuffy standards anymore, when

I can get away with asking any gauche thing

I want, and I’ll be fired only if the producer

judges me to be not correct, politically as it were,

depending on who’s got the power; know what I mean?


And sure, even if  a publicly-funded MBR reporter

can go to Orlando and interview the grieving mother of a girl

shot dead in a rampage, just two days after, and then with a

reporter’s verve and temerity stick a mic

in the face of the dead girl’s four-year old sister:

—Hey baby sister, how does it make you feel

that you got no big sister no more? Take your time

to answer, the cameras are rolling.”


I mean if you can get away with shit like that

and producers still put you on the radio, and you

still get paid a good  salary, I figure what the hell,

I can do anything where freedom rings!


Oh, fussy historians will ramble on..that journalism

has come a long way since a line was drawn

between reporting and exploiting,  but that line was

always one writ in water, and as for me,

I’m gonna leap that line soon as I can. Yes,

I’m choosing journalism as my career!


Give the Media the Credit They Deserve

We have to give the news media the credit they deserve;

they worked hard on this issue to make our day.


That England should stay, not declare their

independence from a bureaucratic EU, no.


Oh yes, the media had many a commentator on the air,

telling us how the vote wasn’t going to happen,


and how it wasn’t the best thing for them Brits, anyway,

and assuring us colonials on this side of poll percentages


that only the genius statisticians, who often neglect to give

the sources of those numbers that producers make up,


because after all, how horrible it would be to leave the EU;

for the almighty stock market would fall some points,


and the English pound suffer, God forbid, and the bankers and stock

marketers and the politicos and frothing money mouths insisting


nothing could be worse than a loss of capital, and such

by those who always put the money factor ahead of any value,


and the-big-powers-that-be that even got the U.S. President

to make a special trip in April, 2016 to London when really


he might have kept his nose cleaner on the west Atlantic side;

we have to give credit where it’s due—be it print, radio t.v. or public news;


they did their best to serve their corporate and political masters, and usually

the media get the job done, determining policy and what we must think,


and, it’s true, many of the media ilk were honestly shocked and

dismayed when the independence of England could not be smothered.


It’s enough to give us faith in voting again because usually the media

write the script, but seems a historical fact that once in a red, white,

and blue moon, simple democracy prevails.


”Passion can lead us to destroy and in a split second it can push us to create. We are unpredictable beings, anger is a necessary emotion.”  Pejac

Titled ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’, Pejac recreates Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ as a response to the UK’s decision to Brexit. By scratching onto a Jaguar, the iconic British car, the artist addresses the human obsession to cover marks and scars by turning them into something positive. This work precedes his solo exhibition on July 22-31.


Dream Escapes

Art by Woozie

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Dream Globe Escape – 
‘She sits alone, whilst freezing and burning, waiting to heal. Her friends surround her, who patiently wait for her still…’
BELLJAR- ESCAPEThe BellJar Escape – 
‘Taken to safety for rest and repair, Burning & Yearning she’ll find Sanity there…’


 The Dream Forest Escape – ‘And to save walking on her broken bones..She took flight in her forest, as with no escape it was the only thing she could do to…Survive.’


The Dream Balloon Escape – ‘I have always known that hope does float..up..Up..into vast and beckoning skies…Built on dreams of wondrous ponder, only time my friends will decide…’

 coming very soon : www.woozie9355.com.
See more art from @Woozie9355 on instagram…


Art by WOOZIE  Poetry by Serafin Borgia


Double tuck your truths when traveling

the Jungle of Many- Eyed Shadows


every one’s dying

to give their life away

to something .


A darker night is what -this is

… so keep reaching

into the dawn of pink fingers;

Drag out the ancient souls of hatred

lurking on the murky echoes

that shelter no gods


As the Feast of Oppression begins:

Derision marries the Dark Vatican

on the Glass Horizon,

while we gorge on lies

to fill our empty hearts;


The aortas of spooked beats burst

at the sight of their children

torn & impaled on utensils;


Our sharp Gravy wears off.

Your zombies, my spirits-

growl their halves

of a weepy moon;


& Not wanting to smear the tableau

they wipe their bloody boots

outside the glass house

of fetish and shadow

thick with the

bad breath of complacency,

odor of strong phantoms

  • other things


…wafting past the Elysians


Where the Chimera’ s epidemic

of sick butterflies repents,

below the sword of Damocles,

swaying ever-so,

painfully, (still)



& Not that It’s intimate

but they have seen us-

touched our lost gifts,

know we once had spirits

that could lure gypsies ,

rustle all ( the) ever mores,

accept the little we know

of love & the burden

of teaching it,

before being caged ,

& now only fluttering if compelled,

& just barely

at that.

© Serafin Borgia




See more art from Woozie on instagram and on her upcoming website:  www.woozie9355.com


Fore’ U Shoot Me Down…

Poetry and Video by Zo-Alonzo Gross

Blue Shirt


Fore’ U Shoot Me Down…
I’m really not Sure-
why it iZ U Pulled me Over/
I didn’t Rob any Store-
I’m not High Or Drunk,
I’m Sober/.
Is it really a Crime 4 “ME”,
2 have a Nice-Ride
Why does it have 2b?,
I’m slangin thangZ on the side?
ThatZ not what I Do Alright?^
U got the Wrong-Brotha(
But PerhapZ in Ur Eye-Sight^
I Jus got the Wrong-Color(.
U’ve Been Followin my car,
with this attitude U Got_
lookin 4 my “Non Existin Glock”
mad cuz I’m Listenin ta Pac

Holdin on 2 ya pistol,
still searchin 4 Pot_.
Never Sought<
Out ta Lose My Life 2day]
Never Fought<
Jus Thought<
I Could Have My Say]
But Ok]…
I can Hear the Click+
of Ur Ruger Round——-
Jus Let Me Pray Right Quick+
Fore’ U Shoot Me Down——-.
© Alonzo “Zo” Gross

Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, raised in Allentown Pa. Zo graduated from William Allen High School. He went on to graduate from Temple university with a BA in English literature and a Minor in Dance. Zo started Dancing, writing songs, poetry ,and short stories at the age of 7. Zo successfully performed at the Legendary Apollo Theater as a dancer at 18. Zo signed a contract with Ken Cowle of Soul Asyum Publishing in 2012, & released the book of poetry and art “Inspiration Harmony & The Word Within” Noveber 2012. On December 2nd 2012 he won the Lehigh Valley Music Award for “Best Spoken Word Poet” at the LVMAS. In October 2014 Zo traveled to Los Angeles, California to be one of the featured poets/musicians in a documentary film called “VOICES” Directed by Gina Nemo. The Film is slated to be released in 2016. Zo was again Nominated for “Best Spoken Word Poet” again in 2016. Zo’s Poetry has been featured in several anthologies, as well as magazines. Zo’s New Book of Poetry & Art “Soul EliXiR”… The WritingZ of Zo will be released in 2016, along with His Debut Rap CD “A Madness 2 The Method” to be released the same year.

Portland Zine Symposium




Help us make Portland Zine Symposium a success: Want lots of people to show up and check out the zines you’ve been working on all year? Help us promote PZS! Tell all your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, gym buddies, distant cousins – EVERYONE! Remember: The event is TOTALLY FREE to attend! Post on social media using the tag#pzs2016. RSVP to the event on Facebook for DAY 1 and DAY 2 then share it with your friends. All of this makes a huge difference in getting the word out!

If you’re in Portland this weekend come chill with your favorite ‘zine stars.


The Unauthorized history of Street Art

Photography and Story by Mark VenagliaMetropolitan_wall_painting_Roman_1C_BC

The number of Manhattan Eighties artists calling me a “Sellout,” which is the more internet-pc version of what they really began to call me…a more common word that sounds almost like bore, which is what this group of PissOnRealSuccess artists became. Amazing how quickly they all faded away when I wrote my first check as a donation to a local charity that I, personally, believed in and had watched struggle along for years- just as I had.

The genius artists of Pompeii and Herculaneum are an example of an entire thriving artist’s culture, transforming entire walls. And they were paid for their labors. One of many fantastic examples of Graffiti Artists throughout Art History. And the term “whore” comes into play, again. In a minute.


Making money means that we, as artists have to learn about saving money, being responsible with our money and many other related things none of us were taught. The staggering amount of work, the dedication and exuberance to clean, tight technique that I continue to see lavished across the exterior walls of the world- all of this LABOR deserves to be acknowledged more by the hour, and no just by the act of scrolling.


The editors of Section 8 felt that if I were to share of the real history of what is now rebranded as Street Art- that might be a good place to start. They and I want to see all artists making work that endures and sells for vast amounts that go right into your own pockets- providing health coverage and a savings account and generating long, productive careers. Unlike the cave-painters of Lescaux, whose typical life expectancy was 20 years, an artist who lives and makes art into their 90’s gets the chance to advance the entire movement, making genuine artistic discoveries over the course of 40-60 years.


The interior frescos of Pompeii paved the way for the illusionary murals of Versailles. And in the prehistoric subway tunnels of Lexcaux, France the entire Graffiti Street Art Movements were born.


We consider both the coast of Italy and the Parisian suburb of Versailles because in both these environments – people other than artists began to notice the art and experienced the first sophisticated responses that indicate a sense of Culture. The detailed, wacky, altered perspectives within the mythical cities depicted throughout Pompeii are lifted right out of today’s urban streetscapes. But those Pompeian artists were busy BEING HIRED to transform flat walls into seductive flights of visual fantasy in 79AD. That is 79+ years after Christ is said to have died.


The next time you’re inspired to consider yourself a mere whore for accepting a fee for your labors, please remember Mrs. Jesus Christ was also a working girl. Speaking of Jesus-pretty good company to be in, in my opinion. “Art is Mark’s religion,” proclaimed one of the many art dealers I have worked with. To devote as much time and W.O.R.K to the epic, public masterpieces we consistently see, makes me feel that the majority of Street Artists do, absolutely, have an inner spiritual life. That particular dealer, who recognized my deepest inspiration, also provided me with the incredible experience of catching him red-handed taking 100% of my money. I was inspired to do something about it besides retreat into a cave.


The Pompeii Room at The Met Museum in Manhattan, we are told, was dug up and transported in slabs, across The Atlantic. Reassembled in NYC, and “slightly touched-up” by local artists as recently as the 1970s. Like most New York apartments of the last 200 years- only one window. Please note a clue so obvious, 99% of the experts ignore it- to the immediate right of that window:  one bowl of fruit- quince in fact, and possibly figs. Better-informed historians tell us the original Garden of Eden apple was, in fact, quince. Such a powerful DawnOfHumankind aphrodisiac that when quince is simmered carefully, between the aroma and eating it, makes even the most frigid priest or nun howl at the moon, speaking of religion. And the worship of Eros.




Ø Art by Pile driver theory Ø Poetry by Lily Tierney Ø



How many masks

Can one have on

All pretending at

The same time

To be the one

Who is real?




Hidden in plain sight

Always there

No one bothered

To rid the scenery

Of this eyesore.


Someone might

Kick it further

Down the street by the sewer

Where it will be swallowed

Whole into the drainage

Of all debris left by such

Pretenders who care.